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Avey aims to connect professional motion designers with VJs and visual performing artists. We host a dynamic collection of premium VJ loops and clips that are sure to dazzle retinas around the world whether your audience is in a small club or at the largest festival. Our content is curated by experts so that only the best clips make it to our library — that way you don’t have to sift through thousands of lame clips to find the good ones. All of our video content comes standard in HD format, with both h264 and DXV, so you’ll be ready to pop it in Resolume or any other VJ software. Try our FREE starter 3-pack here.

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Unlimited Gravity

"Out of My Mind" Music Video

For Unlimited Gravity’s new smash single “Out of My Mind”, we created a full-fledged 3D graphics music video. The goal was to create a video that could stand alone as a music video for promotion on YouTube, but could also be adaptable to a live performance, because UG plays his songs live and they often have a different structure every time. So we created scenes that when played together form a whole story, but can be broken up in a way that are able to be played live. This project was designed in Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane Render, then finished in After Effects.

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