Custom Packages

Whether you are a lighting and stage design company looking for content for your screens or you are a DJ that wants to take your set to the next level, we are here to help. We can create awesome visual content for any screen in the club or at the festival.

We can help with

  • VJ Clip Packages
  • Tour Visuals
  • Music Videos
  • Artist Logo Animations
  • Projection Mapping Installations
  • Custom Stage Design Visuals
  • Club or Festival Branding Visuals

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With Avey you get a team of experienced designers and animators who know how to make video look awesome.  We’ll take you through the whole process to ensure that you love the final product.  Starting with an initial concept consultation, we’ll figure out exactly what your video needs to do to dazzle its audiences.  Then we’ll design a series of art frames to show you what’s in our head and make sure everyone is on the same page.  After that, the magic happens and we will forge all of your videos and render them out to perfectly fit your technical needs.

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