About Avey.io

Avey.io is a new source of premium stock video loops perfect for VJs or any audiovisual performer. Our VJ loops and clips are created by professional motion designers, so you don’t have to sift through thousands of junky clips just to find the good ones. We supply 1080p as a standard, but if you’re interested in 4K files, shoot us an email at [email protected]. In addition to a h264 master file, every clip also comes with a pre-rendered DXV file, which makes it easy to pop into Resolume and get mixing right away!

Premium Royalty-free clips and loops

We started Avey.io because we were tired of seeing the same-old cheesy VJ loops of speakers bouncing around. And while Beeple’s clips are totally amazing, we recognize they’re the only premium loops making it into the clubs. We wanted to bring the mind-shattering, retina-stimulating, beautiful visuals that you see at huge festivals to the clubs you go to every week. Our clips and loops have been club-tested, audience-approved, and definitely get the party going.

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Custom Visual Packages

Whether you are a DJ that needs a unique logo animation or a club that wants to stand out, we can help! Get in touch and let’s make some magic happen! Check out our projects page to see what we’ve put together for Bright Lights and Unlimited Gravity.

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What sets our content apart from the rest:

  • 1080p minimum resolution
  • 30fps that have motion every 15 frames, creating 120 BPM clips that easily sync to club music
  • MOV and DXV files packaged together
  • Content created by true designers! No cheesy clips here, only original dynamic content designed for maximum impact

Looking for 4K resolution?

While we don’t currently host 4K on our site, we still have all of our clips available in 4K. Send us an email at [email protected] and we can hook you up.